Estonian Art Critic Boris Bernstein: ANK '64 - AN ARTISTIC PHENOMENAN. The tradition of ANK '64  can be regarded archaic, presuming that this is not „in“ in the intellectual world. Still, it seems to me that the values still preserved by the masters who once formed the first organically born artistic group amidst the deadly structured plasma of soviet artistic life,- these values have worth still, even at the end of the century." (From ANK ’64, Catalogue 1995)

The ANK group was formed in 1964. under the aegis of the Student Scientific Society of the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR (ÜTÜ). How can we talk about the ÜTÜ? Was it an alternative institute, an institution dètourned by the students, where official curricula were supplemented with new know ledge of a different kind? Or was it a part of the mechanisms of power, of its expansion and reproduction because the infrastructure used was created by the power?    


since 1962 to 1970

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