it is not just a saying that in your future you meet your past

Upon reviewing the work I've done throughout my lifetime, I had a new idea of recycling my greate sea paintings and tiny gouache

paintings – of putting them together as large collages in a totally new awareness. Now my tiny gouache paintings (1962 - 1972)

are as big as my seascapes. In my next exhibition in meditativ installations they represent the moods and whims of the Sea. My goal is to reveal the soul of the Sea that hovers around the seascapes. — It could be perfectly done with a hologram. It’s my dream of my dream.


VINT (1962 - 2014)

Aili Vint: I T' S  A R T T O M A K E A R T O F A R T. This is my work today. I'm doing digital collages right now. I know I can do

anything better than me..Today in virtual reality it's my passion to be again in these G o l d e n S i x t i e s: C H E E R F U L

P O P F O R E V E R ! — I T’ S J U S T L I K E O P E N I N G A N O L D B O T T L E O F H I G H Q U A L I T Y W I N E.

Since the G o l d e n S i x t i e s variety has offered a lot of fun.

Painting from Tiit Pääaike, Portrait of artist Aili Vint.jpg

Estonian artist T I I T P Ä Ä S U K E painted in 1981 P O R T R A I T O F A R T I S T A I L I V I N T Oil on canvas 114x140cm K U M U A R T M U S E U M

1 + Eva - Maria ja Aili.jpg


a story about why I became an artist

Because I promised! — I remember I was no longer a small child, when I suddenly found myself standing in front of a real Sea. The Sea was incredibly vast and open and the bluest of blue. I was enthralled by the Sea. The Sea was smooth as a giant mirror, just like the

heaven on the earth. I watched my feet through the water and wondered how an artist might paint the translucency of the Sea.

It seemed so impossible.

Before the Sun went down I watched, mesmerized, as Sun picked sunset colors and started painting on the Sea. Suddenly the world became unbelievably colorful. A powerful glow of colors was in front of me and behind me, above me and below me; I even felt it under

my feet. At that moment I was sure that there wasn’t one painter who could paint like that.

—-'When I grow up I will paint a Sun so, so red hot, that when you look at it, you'll be dripping with sweat!", I boasted to the other

children. —Yes, I will be an artist! I am painting!


6 years old Aili (Sarv) Aili Vint 2012

Now I am an artist

Now I am an artist and I will show you this glorious moment, my life's first magical touch of the Sun. This was my first and most passionate infatuation. A strange feeling overwhelmed me, not yet fully comprehensible and primal by nature, a mutual love affair between me and the Sea. This impression was so powerful that I felt the beauty physically hurting me.

You see, its true! When people ask me how long it took me to complete this or that painting, I am always tempted to answer: A long, long time – since childhood.

my life’s first magical touch of the Sun

4 a_ATD2933.jpg 4.jpg

R E D H O T S U N 1 9 6 9 Gouache painting Original 28 x 20 cm


7  Aili Vint SO SO RED HOT II,  Touch  2018, 3-D  digital collage  combined Aili Vint’s original works.jpg

S O S O R E D H O T II 2 0 1 9

Digital collage recycled of original works by AILI VINT

R E D H O T S U N 1 9 6 9 Gouache painting projected of original works by AILI VINT:, :28 x 20 cm +

S U N S E T F L A S H 2011 Oil on canvas 110 x 190,5 cm artist’s collection

This digi-collage in my meditative installation could be designed on the whole room as large as the exhibition space allows, even on the ceiling and the floor... 

my second magical touch of the Sun


B E A U T Y A N D L O S S 2 0 1 8  

Digital collage recycled of original works by AILI VINT:

S U N S E T 1969 Detail of gouache painting, 75 x 63 cm +

S U N S E T F L A S H 2011 Oil on canvas 110 x 191 cm, artist’s collection+ +

M O U R N I N G 1970 Gouache painting, 75 x 63 cm , artist’s collection

Aili Vint: This big digital collage B E A U T Y A N D L O S S as a memorial designed for the sinking of MS Estonia on the Baltic

Sea, September 28th, 1994, claiming 8 5 2 l i v e s. We still feel the pain and sorrow, although 25 years has passed since it


Does the Sea care whom it takes and whom it leaves, whom it carries and whom it drowns?

a story of asking for forgiveness

By Aili Vint, from The Seabook

I will never forget the Sea the day after the sinking of the "Estonia". We were at our summer home, electricity was not available, we did not know anything. When we went to the Sea to see the storm, I could not understand what had happened to my Sea. The Sea was frenzied, desperately lost and confused. It was as if it was seeking something that cannot be found, and thus anguished. It alternately moaned and sighed. My Sea seemed to me to be a never-seen muddy colour, with too sharply and carelessly drawn lines. It was deathly tired, but would not abate. It was not until just before sunset, when an enormous dark wall of clouds came and cast a heavy shadow over the Sea like a blanket, that it calmed a bit.

In the evening, at a neighboring dairy farm where we went to get milk was when we heard that the Sea was writhing in the throes of asking forgiveness. She had taken into itself too many lives at once.

A year later, riding to Pirita on the bus, I suddenly heard an old woman sigh to herself, "I hate the sea." and I felt pain again. I saw how she turned her back to the Sea. But on this day the Sea was so calm and placid. Beautiful and delicate. I got off the bus and asked forgiveness of the Sea.

A story of asking for forgiveness 2018 digital collage.jpg

T H E S T O R M Y M O O D O F T H E S E A 2 0 1 8

Digi collage combined original works by AILI VINT:

THE STOMY MOOD 2014 Acrilyc painting 36,5 x 35 cm Artist’s collection +

SEA UNDER THE DARK SKY 1975 Oil on canvas 92 x 115 cm Kumu Art Museum

19 Serene Sea 1982  oil on canvas  120 x150 cm, Tartu Art Museum  6.jpg

S E R E N E S E A 1 9 8 2 Oil on canvas 120 x150 cm, Tartu Art Museum Estonia


m o u r n i n g


W E S E N S E B O T H B E A U T Y A N D L O S S 2 0 1 8

Digital collage combined from Aili Vints original works:

MOURNING 1970 Gouache painting,, 75 x 63 cm , artist’s collection +

STORMY MOOD 1972 Gouache painting 35,5 x 35 cm , artist’s collection

This meditative installation calls upon the human experience as a commemoration of those lost at sea. But we do not know how

many people were left behind, mourning their loved ones. Nobody know how unbearably painful are the bright colors of grief.

Every year on September 28th, in the countries that the victims where from, people bring flowers to the memorial. The mood is

always cold and miserable. This project will change all that.

Without the Sun we are in the shadows. We feel insignificance, sorrow, even inexplicable pain. But, during a powerful sunset we sense both beauty and loss. It is an elated moment – just like the process of creating when we shines like a speck of dust in the Sun.

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