This artwork F A R E W E L L T O M/S E S T O N I A  call upon the human experience as a commemoration of thoes lost at

Baltic Sea in 1994

The time- and-space-specific light installation F A R E W E L L is a memorial designed for the sinking of MS Estonia on the Baltic Sea, September 2 8 th, 1 9 9 4. Claiming 8 5 2 l i v e s . But we do not know how many people were left behind, mourning their loved ones. We still feel the pain and sorrow, although 25 years has passed since it happened. Nobody knows how unbearably painful are the bright colors of grief.

m o u r n i n g

MOURNING 1970 Gouache painting, 75 x 63 cm , artist’s collection



Every year on September 2 8 th, in the countries that the victims where from, people bring flowers to the memorial. The moods

cold and miserable. Our project will change all that.

We should find a public indoor space near the memorial, for example an exhibition hall or a museum, where every year on September 2 8 th the light would be turned off for the day. In the centre of the hall, a meditative light installation can be designed in a form of A W H I T E C U B E or A H O L O G R A M .



The light installation is in the form of a cube, as large as the exhibition space allows.

When one first peeks in, the bright glow creates a moment of total white and you will see the clean light. This is where the time stops. On these installation the glimmer of light is so powerful that it makes the form around the white of wall echo backfrom inside and the room disappears into the light.

This clear godly light-glow can even erase the room and create an impression of spacelessness. Stepping further in, one will

find oneself suddenly immersed in magical sunset. You will meet the eternity of Nature. A powerful storm of colours is all around, is in front of you and behind you, above you and below you. 

You can feel the warm touch of the Sun and let the Sea magically bring peace to your soul.

AILI Kuubik-1.jpg

Aili Kuubik2.jpg


Every year on September 2 8 th, when the memorial ceremonies take place in exhibition halls, only the lights are turned off and in

the middle of the hall or on the big window the light hologram will shine.

You step into the hall and feel the warm touch of the Sun, a secretive world of the Nature, where you can experience your very

personal mental awareness of relaxation, revisiting past memories and meeting your subconscious mind. 

C O M E B A C K T O M O R R O W ! – we called out the Sun, when we were children. The Sun teaches us all to wait, to be patient

and to forgive.


As I said this light --meditative installation should look like a hologram. But with the technical side we will need some help. We

were excited to think that maybe working together with the digital team at Blekinge Institute of Technology could make our dream

concept true...


Cheerful Pop-Art

_ATH8811 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy.JPG

NB! At the end of next page is my destiny story about why I abruptly gave up the style I had invented, despite the fact that it

held a lot of promise for development.

In the beginning of my career as an artist I loved picking vibrant colors, comparing their lightness-darkness and boldly transferring them to the paper without much awareness of where this came from. This resulted in op-art, which was innovative at the time. Years later I learned that there is an acclaimed artist named Ay-O in Japan, who uses the same kind of striped gradient motifs in his paintings. He was already famous at that time and I might have been pegged as a plagiarist: — Someone named Ay-Li does the same thing as the Japanese Ay-O!

I abruptly gave up the style I had invented, despite the fact that it held a lot of promise for development. It was a pity, of course, but I actually enjoyed this unexpected turn in my work, which gave me the opportunity to start painting the Sea instead, something that I had already dream of as a child.