Aili Sarv (photo, 1945) Aili Vint (photo, 2005)

how I decided to become an artist 

You see! When people ask me how long it took me to complete this or that sea painting, I am always tempted to answer: "A long, long time – since childhood, when I watched, open-mouthed, as the Sun picked sunset colors and started painting on the Sea.. 

I was no longer a small child when I suddenly found myself standing in front of a real, live Sea. I remember the gentle breeze touching my hair and silky water caressed my feet. I watched them through the water and wondered how an artist might pain the translucency of the sea. It seemed so impossible.

Aili Sarv (1945): I am painting! - Yes, I will be an artist! Painter Aili Vint: I remembered, I boasted to the other children. "When I grow up I will paint a Sun so, so red hot, that when you look at it, you will feel the heat from it and you'll be dripping with sweat!"

SO SO RED HOT  1969, gouache painting, 28 x 20 cm

the story of my destiny   

When I was a child there was a seascape with gigantic wave, hanging on the wall by my bed. I remember how, at bed-time, instead of going to sleep, I roamed on crests of the waves and sometimes slid down to the trough. In that stormy sea I had my own place to crawl into when I felt sleepy, and so I often dozed off in the embrace of the silky wave.The picture by my bed was a copy of The Ninth Wave (1850), by Ivan Aivazovski. And today, three of my seascapes are hanging in one room side by side with Ivan Aivazovski’s works at the Marine Art Museum in Otchakow, Ukraine.

Can you imagine! Now our pictures even sleep together!



Marine Art Museum in Ochakov, Ukraine.

Tretyakov’s Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Tartu Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia

Kumu Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn

Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA



Was born in 1941 in a tiny town of Rakvere, Estonia, Europe. 

One memory from childhood: During the hot summer days, in our dry and dusty hometown  we used to play a game of bathing in the Sea. One of us would close her eyes and the other would lead her from warm sunlight into cool shadow. The one with the eyes closed had to sense the difference and quickly yell whether she was in the Sea or out of the Sea. 


1962-1967  Studied at Institute of Art, Tallinn, Estonia


1964  Member of ANK’ 64, a creative group of students

 1967-present is married to painter and writer Toomas Vint

1970-present  Freelance artist, a member of Estonian Artists' Association



2016    CAPRICES, in Tartu Art House

2001 Gallery of Rakvere Museum, Rakvere

2001 Haus Gallery,Tallinn

2001 Olion gallery, Tallinn

1999 Gallery of Estonian House, New York, USA

1995 Kastellaani Maja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

1995 Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia

1990 Järvenpää Cultural Centre, Järvenpää, Finland

1990 Oulu Cultural Centre, Oulu, Finland

1988 The Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn

1977, 1996 Gallery of the Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia


1991 - 1996  Estonian Academy of Arts lecturer, a creativity mentor

1996 - 2002  Estonian Business School, creative know-how training for top leaders and businessmen  

1999 - 2006  Estonian Euro Management Institute,  creativity mentor   

Since 2012  TTÜ creative training for architects


Creativity mentor Aili Vint in creative training for top leaders from 1991: "Whatever your profession, switch on your creative light and you will see a genius!" 


 The creative trainingś video is here: Eesti kunst, Aili Vint /ERR/ 1998 





  Aili Vint  THE SEA BOOK , published by Tulikiri, Tallinn 2011

Aili Vint THE SEA BOOK , published by Tulikiri, Tallinn 2011

Aili Vint  LIKE SUN IN THE SKY,  published by Ilo, Tallinn 2000




Aili Vint REFLECTIONS, 1993, acrylic (the Light, reflected on the color, is glowing from behind. The tilted board is pure white) , exhibited in Osaka Painting Trienale,93


1995 Osaka Sculpture Trienale, Japan

1994  Osaka Graphic Trienale , Japan 

1993 SUBSTANCE - UNSUBSTANCE The 1st annual exhibition of the Soros Foundation, Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia. Tallinn, Estonia

1988, 1991 Miniprint Triennial, Chamalières France

1987 Art of Soviet Estonia, Moscow

1987 Rostock Painting Triennial, Germany

1984 SPACE AND FORM, Art Hall, Tallinn

1983, 1986 Riga Miniprint Triennial, Latvia

1981, 1987 Lodz Miniprint Triennial, Poland

1977 Szecin, Poznan, Warssavi (with Toomas Vint) Poland

1975, 1984 Baltic Painting Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania

1972, 1997 Cracow Graphic Art Biennial, Poland

1971, 1980, 1983, 1989, 1995 Tallinn Print Triennial, Estonia



2017  MONA The Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia

2016 CAPRICES,  in Tartu Art House, Estonia 

2016 Soviet Hippies are present at the exhibition: PEACE AND LOVE, London

  Soviet Hippies are present at the exhibition: PEACE AND LOVE, London2016

Soviet Hippies are present at the exhibition: PEACE AND LOVE, London2016

  Aili Vint Illustration from the book "Yellow in blue like the sun in the sky" 1979, gouache on paper,28 x 42 cm

Aili Vint Illustration from the book "Yellow in blue like the sun in the sky" 1979, gouache on paper,28 x 42 cm



2010  POPKUNST FOREVER  Estonian Pop Art at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, Kumu ART Museum     

2012  CHA ROADS & TRACKS, Moscow International Art Salon, Russia

2013  THE ARTISTS GROUP ANK' 64 Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2013  THE DESIRE FOR FREEDOM ART IN EUROPE SINCE 1945, 30th Council of Europe exhibition. Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin; Palazzo Reale, Milan; Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn


from catalog's:The desire for freedom art in Europe

since 1945

„The Estonians are a “sea folk“ and always were. It is no wonder that the sea was associated with the idea pf freedom during the Soviet era. This explains why the horizon in Vint´s painting is a bright area, set off optically from the darkness of the foreground. A gleam of hope lies in the distance, while the present is defined by darkness. An Estonian viewing this scene might also sense the „white ship“ from popular Estonian legend, whose coming marks the beginning of an auspicious age and is awaited by the followers of the folk prophet Maltsvet, on the shore.“    

 SEA UNDER THE DARK SKY 1975 oil on canvas 92 x 115 cm Kumu Art Museum

SEA UNDER THE DARK SKY 1975 oil on canvas 92 x 115 cm Kumu Art Museum



Invitation to exhibition: ARTIST'S FOOTPRINT

2014-2015   Aili Vint's and Toomas Vint's  exhibition: ARTIST'S  FOOTPRINT, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

Together with Toomas Vint it was our intent to put the visitors, as they entered the Tallinn Art Hall, into the right frame of mind. For that we prepared a surprise for the people rushing in from the winter gloom. They could see The Sun rising in the display window, and upon entering, they were walking on grass and the scent of fresh-mow in hay tickled their noses.

Aili Vint THE SUN SETS AND RISES FROM THE TALLINN ART HALL 2013-2014 Time-and-Space Specific Light Installations, 3000 x1400 x 900 cm