The method is information a knowledge of how to do something. Know-How method is action oriented information. The method can only be acquired if we can apply it. It is important to distinguish between knowing (know) and the ability to apply this knowledge (to do). One fine day when you become A REAL ARTIST, you understand how to increase your brain power through another more emotional specialty .

Journalist Ene Vool, participant of the happenings: Aili Vint is so dedicated in injecting creative rush into people, that she can make even the most hardened cops to paitheir feelings spontaneously..

Creativity mentor Aili Vint in creative training for top leaders from 1991:

Whatever your profession, switch on your creative light and you will see a genius! Away from everyday routine, playing artist and everyone engaged both right and left sides of their brain. That's how brilliant ideas are born: How to create yourself. anytime and anywhere


while playing around, almost accidentally, living company logos were born.: TTÜ DSV FALCK

Photos by Ene Kull

While playing around, almost accidentally, living company logos were born: NORDEA KENNO PWC


Your company's own art gallery! 

Aili Vint: The paintings born from this crazy chaos of creating and playing real artist grow into your company's own art collection. when you hang the painting on the walls of your office space. It is almost phenomenal, how these paintings will encourage the people to use the same amount of creativity in their everyday work: "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! There is always a way! Don't worry so much! Look, you created me!"



Aili Vint: I can do anything better than me!    

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It just happened   



     Child of the Orphanage:    We were allowed to paint our home walls, from floor to ceiling! - We made this ourselves!!!

Child of the Orphanage: We were allowed to paint our home walls, from floor to ceiling! - We made this ourselves!!!

Aili Vint  Belive it or not, these walls were all painted by the children, teachers and sponsors of the orphanage and was set up in three hours. 

I was fascinated by the participants' courage of being an artist and the freedom of spirit of the children. They were so confident to paint and throw around the colors, for most of them it was the first time in their life. This is what real art feels like, when no-one is teaching you and you just get everything from thin air and the joy of the others. You experience that art is not beyond your reach and creativity lives within you. Even the teachers and sponsors were caught by the fever of creation, they turned into children as well!


happening: A MAJOR FUN BLAST!   

Only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason. Andre' Gide

Aili Vint: Here's how you can win back your powerful at childhood.I invited the top businessmen and -women to the creativity course and asked them to get ready to meet a very important person. They came, in suits and ties, but as soon as they took out the paints the elegant businessmen and -women, the Movers & Shakers of our business world, suddenly became real artists, childish and carefree spirits! They bravely stepped beyond their professional boundaries, time constraints and habits. Even the fear of not knowing how to paint. - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  

 Aili Vint:  Whatever your profession, switch on your creative light and you will see a genius! You should not neglect the creative sparkle within you, because there is no greater source of happiness for a person than launching his own creativity. Only you can do it for yourself and I can help you how.  



a suggestion to workaholics!  

 AILI VINT: Please be kind to yourselves. As soon as in the next workshop: “Resting and Loafing training”, we will learn the art of to living in the moment. We will change, as one, our severe and “more and more and more” lifestyles and start to loaf and dream elegantly. Dare to dream like a little girl: When I grow up I'll be an Artist.... And really Lazy... If feel up to it. 

 "All that is needed for this is an artist’s spirit that is steadfast in in finding a useless day and spending it totally uselessly. ” Lin Yutang.


Let it be just now! I will loll as best I can and afterward remember to get totally rested. I will leave everything undone and everything will get done Chance will take care of everything!  - We go skiing in the mountains


Aili Vint: Indeed! - Creativity is the only real, permanent faithful capital.