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Hello, Dear Visitor! I am a Painter Aili Vint (née. Sarv) from Estonia, Europe. I am an emotional artist and my pictures are like flirting people: See meee, only me!!! This is how much they enjoy Your attention. Thank You!

Heie Treier, Estonian Art Critic:

Aili Vint has not tied herself to any particular line, although her work is full of quotations of pop and op-art and tiny etchings transform. But she always keeps returning to the Sea. The Sea is in eternal motion and the details, which the artist perceives at a blink, - something mesmerizing, existential and quintessential,—is gone with the next moment. All that remains is an experience of a person who is able to revive and magnify this on a canvas. This is quite a direct approach to the subject of art and the result of which allows contact with the most diverse audience — an unusual phenomenon in contemporary high art at all.


a digital huge collage:

from series: SEA & ME

PRIMEVAL CALL  2018 (1962 —2011)


Aili Vint: I am the woman, who hopelessly fall in love the Sea.How does one paint a portrait of your secret love, to capture his mood at a given momentsince it could be gone in the next? Really, how similar the Soul of the Sea and that of a Woman is? So unpredictable! The Sea has 1001 faces. Sometimes it is a rebel, then it is affectionate and quiet again. Just like me! I am the Sea.


NB! This really huge collage "PRIMEVAL CALL“ should be exhibited in oneline so that the viewer could scroll the work themselves and not just change the picture.Its not a simple slide show program.

II vision: 3-D digital collage projected on the whole room as large as the exhibition’s space allows, even on the ceiling and the floor. 

PRIMEVAL CALL 2018 This 3-D huge collage compiled of original works in a different styles by Aili Vint from 1962 to 2018:

Marine Paintings

+ Gouache Paintings

+ Photographies

+ Stories about my Pictures


story about my marine painting  


 Estonian Writer Jaan Kruusvall: The world that Aili Vint creates while painting the Sea is fragile and elusive, easily vulnerable. Just like the rest of the world. Like the inner world of a person. 

Aili Vint: One day, when I was painting stony and translucent water, I suddenly received shocking news that a young acquaintance of mine had taken her own life. While painting the picture I remember wondering whether this profound angst I felt at the time would remain trapped in that picture.Years later I received an answer. A complete stranger came up to me, started scolding me for no longer painting the sea.Then she went on, searching for words:You saved my life, you know… She told me that she had wanted to end her life, to give herself to the sea. But a friend took her to the Kadriorg Art Museum to see one of my seascapes. The painting had mesmerized her, calling her back again and again. It offered her unaccountable consolation, until it finally calmed her down. This painting was The Stony Sea.

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AILI VINT  THE STONY SEA  1975  Oil on canvas, 92 x 115 cm, Kumu Art Museum