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Hello! I am a painter Aili Vint (née. Sarv) from Estonia, Europe. I come from the middle of the last century (born in 1941), but still paint the Sea the old-fashioned way.


Heie Treier, Estonian Art Critic: 

Aili Vint has not tied herself to any particular line, although her work is full of quotations of pop and opp-art. But she always keeps returning to the Sea. The Sea is in eternal motion and the details, which the artist perceives at a blink, - something mesmerizing, existential and quintessential, - is gone with the next moment. All that remains is an experience of a person who is able to revive and magnify this on a canvas.This is quite a direct approach to the subject of art and the result of which allows contact with the most diverse audience – an unusual phenomenon in contemporary high art at all.


 Aili Vint: Have you considered how similar the soul of the Sea and that of a Woman is? Sometimes it is a rebel, then it is affectionate and quiet again. Just like me! I am the Sea. -  See how my paintings are flirting with you: “Look at me, just me!” - This is how much they enjoy your attention. - Thank You!


 Aili Vint: In this digital exhibition: THE SOUL OF THE SEA  I tell stories of the Sea's sensuousness and emphasize its power and reckless moods – its tenderness. Therefore, there is a subtle connection between my marine painting, my pop-art, sensual abstracts and depictions of the female form.



Aili Vint: It is not just a saying that in your future you meet your past. In his life a person will meet his past quite often. Look at the huge collages recycled from my digital work in a different styles. This is my work today. - It's art to make art of art. Variety is fun.  
In my next digital exhibition: THE SOUL OF THE SEA II  my small abstract gouache paintings and tiny etchings transform into huge pieces, bigger than my oil paintings! They are like souls of the Sea that hover above the seascapes, just like ghosts that appear for a moment and disappear the next
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Aili Vint: Thank You! -You know the Art is a very flirting person. A lot of pictures are waiting for you on the others web pages, just go back to the menu on top of this page :