IAili Vint: Hello! I come from the middle of the last century (born in 1941) It is not just a saying that in your future you meet your past. Look at the huge collages recycled from my own pictures (1962 – 2014) of different techniques. From the MENU of this site you will find my oil on canvas seascapes, pop art (abstract paintings) and sensual graphic lists.

In my next virtual exhibition, THE SOUL OF THE SEA,  my small abstract gouache paintings  (pop-art) transform into huge pieces, even bigger than my oil paintings! They are like Souls of the Sea that hover above the marine paintings, just like ghosts that appear for a moment and disappear the next.

Variety offers fun. Now, in virtual reality I can do anything better than me. It's my passion today—to be again in these Golden Sixties. CHEERFUL  POP  FOREVER!  It’s just like opening an old bottle of high quality wine.


Why did I become an artist?— Because I promised!

I remember I was no longer a small child, when I suddenly found myself standing in front of a real Sea. The Sea was incredibly vast and open and the bluest of blue. Before the Sun went down I watched, mesmerized, as Sun picked sunset colors and started painting on the Sea. Suddenly the world became unbelievably colorful. Powerful glow of colors was in front of me and behind me, above me and below me; I even felt it under my feet. At that moment I was sure that no one painter could paint so. —-''When I grow up I will paint a Sun so, so red hot, that when you look at it, you'll be dripping with sweat!", I boasted to the other children. Yes, I will be an artist! I am painting!

Now I am an artist and I will show you this glorious moment, my life's first magical touch of the Sun.

So, when people ask me how long it took me to complete this or that painting, I am always tempted to answer: A long, long time – since childhood.


SO SO RED HOT II 2018, 3-D digital collage projected on the whole room as large as the exhibition’s space allows, even on the ceiling and the floor.  Combined AILI VINT’s original works:

SO RED HOT SUN 1967, gouache painting 28. x 20 cm, artist’s collection

SUNSET FLASH 2011, oil on canvas, 110 x 191 cm artist’s collection


BEAUTY AND LOSS 2018  3-D digital collage projected on the whole room as large as the exhibition’s space allows, even on the ceiling and the floor. Combined from AILI VINT’S original works:

+ SUNSET 1969, detail of gouache painting, 75 x 63 cm  Kumu Art Museum

+  SUNSET FLASH 2011 oil on painting, 110 x 191 cm, artist’s collection


6 Aili Vint Farewell  digital installation.jpg

 Aili Vint’s Time- and Space- Specific Light Installations, 2018

Aili Vint current focus is VR and digital light installations inspired by water. The latest piece “Farewell” is a memorial designed for the sinking of MS Estonia on the Baltic Sea, September 28th, 1994. Claiming 852 lives, it was one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century. Playing with perception of horizons, the  artwork calls upon the human experience as a commemoration of those lost at sea. Aesthetica Magazine, December 2018

II version: Every year on September 28th, in the countries that the victims were from, memorial ceremonies could take place. In exhibition halls the lights are turned off for the day. In the centre of the hall, in the middle of the current exhibit, a white cube within a cube is put up with light and images inside it. When you first peek into the cube, the glow of light creates a feeling of total emptiness. This is where the time stops and you will meet timeless.

When you step into the inner cube you find yourself suddenly in the middle of the fiery sunset! You are completely immersed in it Powerful glow of colors is in front of you and behind you, above you and below you; You even felt it under you feet. You feel the warm touch of the Sun and its magical peace in your soul.

3. Aili Vint  The SUn LIVES.  2018 , digital collage.jpg

Aili Vint: Before The Sun is going down, I sense both beauty and loss. I feel insignificance, sorrow, even inexplicable pain. Come back tomorrow –The Sun taught me to wait and forgiveness.

a story: asking fogiveness

For those of you who do not know, the sinking of the MS Estonia on September 28th 1994 claimed 852 lives and was one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century

I will never forget the sea the day after the sinking of the "Estonia". We were at our summer home, electricity was not available, we did not know anything. When we went to the sea to see the storm, I could not understand what had happened to the sea. The sea was frenzied, desperately lost and confused. It was as if it was seeking something that can not be found, and thus anguished. It alternately moaned and sighed. My sea seemed to me to be a never- seen muddy colour, with too sharp and carelessly drawn lines. It was deathly tired, but would not abate. It was not until just before sunset, when an enormous dark wall of clouds came and cast a heavy shadow over the sea like a blanket, that it calmed a bit.

In the evening, at a neighboring dairy farm where we went to get milk that we heard that the sea was writhing in the throes of asking forgiveness. It had taken into itself too many lives at once.

I was pained again a year later, riding to Pirita on the bus, when all of a sudden I heard an old woman sigh to herself, "I hate the sea." And I saw how she turned her back to the sea. But on this day the sea was so calm and placid. Beautiful and delicate. I got off the bus and asked forgiveness of the sea.

By Aili Vint, translated Evi Tarkus Vahtra



Aili Vint: I feel, therefore, that my three "genres" (marine paintings, guash paintings, digi-collages) should be displayed with equal emphasis It will be able to experience the exhibit like a story, even a novel, that the pictures all together tell. The story of the sea as a living entity.

Aili Vint. PRIME FORCE II, 2018 digital collage from my original paintings:

SEA UNDER THE DARK SKY, 1975, oil on canvas 92 x 115 cm Kumu Art Musem +

RAGE, 1970, acrilyc 35 x 30 cm, artist’s collection 

MOMENT 1970, gouache painting 75 x 63 cm , Kumu Art Museum

STONY SEA   1975, oil on canvas, 92 x 115 cm,  Kumu Art Museum

CATASTROPHE 1967 gouache painting 75 x 63 cm,  artist’s collection 

TRANSPARENT SEA 2014, detail, 110 x 382 cm artist’s collection

virtual stories: THE SOUL OF THE SEA 

 Aili Vint: In these collages, like in novels, I tell stories of the Sea's sensuousness and emphasize its power and reckless moods, its tenderness. -— How similar the soul of the sea and that of a woman is?

When contemplating the sensuousness of nature as expressed in the Sea's psyche, one can see the invisible connection between nature and our senses Therefore, there is a subtle connection between my marine painting, my pop-art, sensual abstracts and depictions of the female form



010   Shallow Sea 1972 oil on canvas  92 x 115 cm Tartu Art Museum 13-ATD madal meri.jpg

AILI VINT SHALLOW SEA  1972 Oil on canvas, 92 x 115 cm  Tartu Art Museum


AILI VINT TENDERNESS 2017 , 3-D digital collage, what conbined from Aili Vint’s original paintings


TENDERNESS 1979 Gouache painting, 35 x 30 cm, artist’s collection     

GIRLS MIRRERED IN WATER 2011 Oil on canvas 150 x 120 cm , artist’s collection




Siin lõpeb meri 2007 150x190.jpg

Aili Vint THE SEA ENDS HERE (dedicated to Alessandro Baricco'le) , 2007 Oil on canvas, 150 x 190 cm, artist,s collection  


3b tekstisse_ATH1172 - Copy.jpg4.jpg

Aili Vint: Hello Dear Visiter! I am the painter Aili Vint (Sarv) from Estonia, Europe.

I am the woman, who hopelessly fall in love the Sea. How does one paint a portrait of your secret love? The Sea has 1001 faces. As I start seeing the details that fascinate me in a given Mood of the Sea, they are gone in the next moment.

Heie Treier, Eesti artkritic:

Aili Vint has not tied herself to any particular line, although her work is full of quotations of pop and op-art and tiny etchings transform. But she always keeps returning to the Sea. The Sea is in eternal motion and the details, which the artist perceives at a blink, - something mesmerizing, existential and quintessential,—is gone with the next moment. All that remains is an experience of a person who is able to revive and magnify this on a canvas. This is quite a direct approach to the subject of art and the result of which allows contact with the most diverse audience — an unusual phenomenon in contemporary high art at all.

Upon reviewing the work I've done throughout my lifetime, I had a new idea of recycling  them – of putting them together as very large collages in a totally new awareness. I have combined my tiny abstract gouache paintings and sensual etchings with my seascapes to create huge new works.  Now they are as big as my seascapes. In my installations they represent the moods and whims of the sea. My goal is to reveal the soul of the Sea that hover above the seascapes.

II vision: 3-D digital collage from series: SEA & ME —‘PRIMAVAL CALL I projected on the whole room as large as the exhibition’s space allows, even on the ceiling and the floor.



AILI VINT PRIMEVAL CALL 2018 3-D digital collage projected on the whole room as large as the exhibition’s space allows, even on the ceiling and the floor. Combined from Aili Vint’s original works from 1962–2018:

a story "Your picture saved my life, you know..."   

Aili Vint: One day, when I was painting stony and translucent water, I suddenly received shocking news that a young acquaintance of mine had taken her own life. While painting the picture, I remember wondering whether this profound angst I felt at the time would remain trapped in that picture.

Years later I received an answer. A complete stranger came up to me, started scolding me for no longer painting the sea.Then she went on, searching for words:You saved my life, you know… She told me that she had wanted to end her life, to give herself to the sea. But a friend took her to the Kadriorg Art Museum to see one of my seascapes. The painting had mesmerized her, calling her back again and again. It offered her unaccountable consolation, until it finally calmed her down. This painting was The Stony Sea.

From Aili Vint THE SEA BOOK


vaike kivine_meri.jpg

AILI VINT STONY SEA   1975, oil on canvas, 92 x 115 cm,  Kumu Art Museum    

Aili Vint: A picture is like flirting women: See meee, only me!!!  - This is how much she enjoy Your attention. Thank You! A lot of pictures are waiting for you on the others web pages:.